Guide to Your Calgary Furnace Needs: Signs Your Filter Needs Changing

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Your furnace is absolutely essential for keeping your home warm and cozy. But, if your furnace isn’t being properly maintained, then your home isn’t going to be as warm as you desire.

While there are several things involved in maintaining a furnace, the most important part of furnace maintenance is changing or cleaning the furnace filter.

Without a properly cleaned furnace filter, you really don’t have a furnace.

But, how can you tell when your furnace filter needs changing?

It isn’t always obvious.

Check out this guide to learn the top signs your filter needs to be changed.

1. Time is Up

In general, filters need to be changed every 90 days. This ensures that your filter and your furnace continue to operate at optimal performance.

The job of the furnace filter is to collect debris and dust as air passes through the furnace. But, when your furnace is clogged, airflow becomes restricted. This can cause larger problems and eventually lead to expensive breakdowns.

So, if you’re creeping up on that 90-day mark, it’s time to think about replacing your filter.

In addition to changing the filter every 90 days, you should also check it every 30 days. By checking your filter once a month, you’ll be able to see if your filter is clear enough to continue doing its job (ie, filtering out debris and dust).


2. Your Bills are Increasing

Have you noticed that your heating bills have been slowly creeping up?

If they have, your dirty and clogged filters may very well be the culprit. If your bills have completely skyrocketed, then that’s a sure sign that your filters need to be changed immediately.

While monitoring your energy consumption can be difficult, especially if you’re dealing with fluctuating temperatures, your bills will definitely tell the full story. If you notice that your energy bills have increased by 15 percent or more, then it’s probably the filter.

And by installing a new filter, you can save up to 15 percent on your energy bills.


3. There’s a Burning Smell

Have you noticed a burning smell in your home lately that you haven’t been able to pinpoint?

The burning smell is likely coming from your furnace, and it either means the filters or the blower motor have overheated.

To keep the furnace from overheating, it needs to have the right amount of airflow. But, if your filters are clogged with dirt and debris, airflow becomes restricted.

Therefore, if you notice a burning smell in your home, you should change your furnace filters immediately.


4. You’re Getting Sick

As the weather changes, allergies and sinus problems tend to act up.

However, don’t automatically dismiss your sickness as a result of not taking proper care of yourself. Oftentimes, we become sick because we don’t take proper care of our homes.

A furnace is a perfect example of this. If your filter is filthy, you’re basically circulating dirty air throughout your home. Breathing in this dirty air can quickly compromise your health.

So, if you notice you’ve gotten sick for no apparent reason, then it’s time to look into your filters as the culprit.


5. Less Heat and a Longer Runtime

Have you noticed it’s been taken longer and longer for your furnace to heat your home?

If your furnace is running longer than normal, dirty filters may be the problem. Filters that are blocked or damaged can have a major impact on your home’s heating cycle, requiring your system to work harder and harder to warm up your space.


6. Your Home is Dustier Than Normal

Do you feel like no matter how many times you dust your home, there’s always more dusting to do?

If you feel this way, your filters are likely the ones to blame.

This is because your filters keep recirculating the dust throughout your home. The only way to fix the problem is to install new filters in your home.


7. Removing the Filter

If you have a hunch that your filter needs changing but aren’t positive, removing the filter can give you the evidence you need.

While your furnace is in operation, listen to the sound of the air moving through it. If there is a significant release of air pressure when you remove the filter, then that means the build-up of dirt and debris has reduced the effectiveness of the filter.

Therefore, it needs to be replaced.

8. Your Home’s Environment

Your home’s environment can also be a sign that your filter needs to be changed more frequently.

Here are some environmental factors that can have an impact on your furnace filter:


We all love our furry friends, but all of their extra hair has to go somewhere. If you don’t vacuum the hair up, it’ll end up getting filtered through the furnace.

The pet hair will then clog your filter at a much faster rate than normal dirt or debris would.

Asthma or Allergies:

If you have asthma or allergies, you’re naturally going to be more sensitive to dust.

A clogged filter won’t be able to deal with dirt and debris properly, and this will, in turn, affect your breathing.

Constant Usage :

Are you always blasting your furnace at full heat in the winter and your AC at full in the summer?

Keep in mind that your filter is used by both your furnace and your AC unit. Therefore, if you use both of them frequently, then expect to change your filter on a more frequent basis.

Are You Ready to Change Your Furnace Filter?

As you can see, there are a lot of things that could point to you needing a new furnace filter.

The important thing is that you change the filter as quickly as possible, as leaving it in there could do damage to your furnace, your home, and even your health.

If you’ve realized that it’s time to change your home’s furnace, book an appointment with us today.


Calgary, Alberta Skyline

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